BSL stands for Breed Specific Legislation and it is sweeping across our nation at an alarming rate. Many think that only Pit Bull’s are being affected by BSL, which is far from the truth. There are many breeds popping up on BSL lists including our beloved Corsi. Omaha NE for one has a muzzling requirement for all Corsi, whenever out in public a Corso must be muzzled. Aurora CO has around 10 breeds deemed dangerous on their list which includes the Cane Corso. The city of Denver has euthanized hundreds of dogs since reinstating their Pit Bull ban, many of those dogs were loving family pets.

Dog enthusiast as a whole need to come together to end this type of discrimination or pretty soon the only breeds we will be allowed to own are Labs and Poodles. Owner responsibility is what is needed, not unjust banning of certain breeds. Cities need to enforce the dangerous dog laws that they already have in affect.

I personally believe the media plays a huge role in the Pit Bull bully breed hypes and are helping create this problem we are having with BSL. Bite incidence by these breeds make headline stories, they sell papers… The media is feeding out incorrect information and feeding into people’s fears.

Here are some links to websites to learn more on BSL and ways to helps stop it:

The Photos below are some positive PR Photos of OUR dogs, these photos may be used for Anti-BSL purposes please contact us for written permission.