Frequently Asked Questions


What is the price of a puppy?

 As a general rule prices are as follows:
                Pet Quality Puppy w/ears cropped (spay/neuter contract) - $3,000
                Adult Adoption (spay/neutered prior to placing) - $500

Pet quality puppies come with their ears cropped, tails docked, rear dewclaws removed, microchipped, up-to-date on vaccinations and wormings, 2-year health guarantee and experienced breeder support for life.  All of our puppies are raised using puppy culture protocols.  If you have not watched the Puppy Culture DVD's we highly recommend you purchase them and do so before you get a puppy.  We do also have a dog trainer who comes into our home and works with the puppies one on one setting them up for success in their new homes.

Do you have any "blue or grey" puppies available?

       We do not breed for any specific colors and do not take deposits based on  color as we feel the first priority when choosing your new companion should be  temperament.  Do we occassionally produce blue puppies? Yes.  Do we breed for  them? No.  We also do not believe in breeding Dilute (blue/formentino) to Dilute  as this can lead to health problems, allergies and skin conditions.

How many litters do you have annually on average?

        We believe in breeding on the best pairings and put a large focus on competing with them.  We breed only to produce our next show prospects.  Generally we have 1-2 litters a year.  Breeding, whelping and rearing puppies is a tremendous amount of work and responsibility that we do not take lightly.  We put in countless hours socializing each puppy in every litter we have, they do not just sit out in kennel runs until they are 8 wks.  Breeding dogs is not how we pay our bills, it is our hobby and passion.  For this reason, producing puppies is a joy not a job.

When I come to pick up my puppy can I meet both the sire and the dam?

        We believe in breeding only the best to the best, you can most definitely meet the dam, but it's not always the case with the sire.  Generally, the best match for a breeding is not necessarily the dog sitting in one's own yard.  So many times we are breeding to a dog hundreds or thousands of miles away.  This is because we are trying to create the best possible puppies and not just breeding to what is most cost effective and convenient.  We spend hours looking at studs, comparing pedigrees and finding complimentary pairings.

What is PennHIP? and what do the numbers mean?

       PennHIP is a method of testing dog’s hips for laxity and the comparing it within the breed - the smaller the number the tighter the hips.  Those numbers are then added to a database,   the dog is given a percentage it falls in.  For Example .33/.44 90th Percentile would mean the dogs hips were   tighter than 90% of the Cane Corso tested.  We believe that by selectively breeding towards tighter hips you will see a curve in the median hip scores of the breed over time leading to tighter and tighter hips being produced.    Some unscrupulous breeders like to put PennHIP Certified or simply No DJD for hip testing results.  PennHIP does NOT certify hips, they simply inform breeders of where their dogs hips fall within the breed, and its up to the breeder to determine what is acceptable for their program to breed.  An honest breeder will give you exact scores of their dogs, an OFA Rating or a PennHIP score with a .??/.?? and/or Percentage ranking in the breed.  For more information on PennHIP visit their website PennHIP.org 

Are you a member of an AKC Club?

      Yes, I am currently the President of the Cheyenne AKC Kennel Club.  I am also a club member of the Cane Corso Association of America.

How can I benefit from a co-ownership agreement?

Occasionally, we have our pick of the litter puppies available to loving companion homes that are in the   Colorado/Wyoming area.  These are puppies we feel are superior prospects, that we would love to have the opportunity to show and potentially breed.  We offer these puppies to exceptional homes that would like a beautiful, sound example of the breed to love as their family member and are willing to let them come out to dog shows and events.  We do not believe in housing 20+ dogs in kennels all day therefore co-ownership homes play an important part in our breeding program.  If you think you might be interested in co-owning one of our young hopefuls please feel free to contact us for more details.  


Have more questions please contact us. 

Remember don’t rush to purchase a puppy from the first breeder you come across or even the first breeder that sounds great, try to meet as many breeders as you can. Most likely you will have to wait for that perfect puppy, because a reputable breeder does not have litters on the ground year round.